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In 2002, 42,815 people lost their lives in U.S. highway fatalities, the highest level since 1990. SUVs and pickups trucks accounted for more than 60 percent of the increase from the previous year.

SUV Solution:
If today's SUVs were modified with the Guardian's safety improvements, over 2,200 lives every year could be saved in highway accidents. With the safety improvements of the Guardian XSE, the number of lives saved could rise to nearly 3,000.

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Take Action For Cleaner, Safer SUVs

UCS challenged consumers to make a statement for safer highways, cleaner air, and more oil security, and you responded by the tens-of-thousands. Thanks to your efforts, we have delivered nearly 40,000 comments to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) demanding better SUVs-a tremendous statement at just the right time.

If you were not able to make your statement by the April 26 deadline for the SUV-TV Challenge, we would still be happy to send your comment for cleaner, safer SUVs to NHTSA. Your statement may not make their public comment docket, but every additional consumer statement is still important, and we will make sure it gets delivered. Just use the information below and send your personal message.

April 04, 2005
Jeffery William Runge
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Dear Administrator,

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