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Gas Savings Calculator for the UCS Guardian & Guardian XSE

Find out how much money the UCS Guardian and Guardian XSE would save you compared to many SUVs on the road today.

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The Guardian will save  on gasoline over its 15 year average life.
The Guardian XSE will save  on gasoline over its 15 year average life.

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SUV Gas Savings Comparison1

Miles Per Gallon2
3 year lease savings
5 year loan savings
15 year vehicle lifetime savings
Guardian XSE
1 Gasoline cost savings calculated using a real discount rate of 5%, which is equivalent to a typical 8% car loan. Mileage based on findings from the National Personal Transportation Survey. On road fuel economy assumed to be 18% below test values, or 3% to 4% below the combined city and highway EPA window sticker values.
2 Miles Per Gallon determined by EPA adjusted fuel economy.  This is the combination of the city and highway EPA fuel economy values that you would see on a vehicle window sticker. These values can be found at .  CAFE test miles per gallon values for Guardian and Guardian XSE are 27.8 mpg and 36.3 mpg respectively.
3 Includes two, four and all wheel drive versions with 5, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. Excludes 4 cylinder engines unless that is the only option available. The highest fuel economy is used for the savings calculation to provide a conservative result.
Note: Savings may differ from actual report findings in "Building a Better SUV: A Blueprint for Saving Lives, Money and Gasoline" due to rounding and simplification of data.