Tips for Personalizing Your Letter

You will find a sample letter included in the SUV-TV Challenge Action Center. If you read the letter and like it just the way it is, feel free just to sign it and send it on its way. However, we know that people come to this issue for many different reasons. You could be an SUV owner who wants a choice that saves you money at the pump. Perhaps you have a family and are worried about SUV safety. Or you could be concerned with US oil security in the post 9/11 environment and want to see our vehicle fleet make a better contribution toward American energy independence.

Whatever your reasons, we have found that comments are far more salient, and far better received, when they have both pertinent information of the kind we have included in the sample letter and personal information so that they know why you are particularly concerned about this issue. We therefore urge you to edit the sample letter to best represent your concerns and views. You can include items such as:

  • Are you an SUV owner, customer, or just concerned about the issue?
  • What about SUVs and their lack of fuel economy makes you most concerned? Is it energy independence? Global warming? Cost of gasoline at the pump?
  • Are their personal examples of how SUV safety and fuel economy affect yours and your family's lives?

There are also plenty of facts included in the more information section above, or throughout the website that you can use to supplement your letter if you find them particularly compelling. You certainly do not have to rewrite the entire letter if you do not have the time or inclination, but personalizing it will make an important difference.