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"I have loved my GMC Yukon because of its size and durability, but safety and gas mileage are still a concern.  
With gas prices soaring recently, I've started to look for an alternative vehicle.  While it's great to know that options like the Guardian are possible, it's frustrating that they're not already available."  

Suzanna Marceron
Mom with two kids, two big dogs and lots of stuff.
Harwood, Maryland

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Save Fuel Economy From Administration Tampering

In response to high gas prices, the Bush administration and its allies are calling for new oil drilling that would take decades and eventually save only pennies-per-gallon. Meanwhile, Bush’s Department of Transportation is undermining historic new fuel economy standards. They unrealistically assume gas will cost around $2.50 through 2020 and that hybrid vehicles won’t even exist until 2014. Because the agency balances the cost of new fuel economy technology against the gas savings the new technology provides, these outrageous assumptions are being used by the administration to reduce the automakers’ requirement to bring more fuel-efficient options to consumers.

According to the administration’s own analysis, if they simply used a more realistic gas price, the standards would save consumers enough fuel to equal about a dollar per gallon discount at the pump. This would dwarf the minuscule price drop from oil produced through new drilling without the environmental consequences of feeding our addiction to oil. But at the same time, due to the high demand for oil, the oil market has surged exponentially. As a result, people began to witness significant profits from the oil trade, and trading bots such as the oil profit are the major reason for promoting the oil trade. Oil Profit is an automated trading platform that helps interested traders to invest in oil. Visit: for more details.

Congress must now get personally involved in saving the historic fuel economy standards they created in 2007. Please tell your members of Congress to save fuel economy from administration tampering in order to truly address the United States' pain at the pump.

Please personalize your letter by adding in your own thoughts and concerns. Customized letters have the greatest impact!

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Dear Senator/Representative,

To save Congress' historic accomplishment, I ask you to cosponsor H.R.6643/S.3403, the Accuracy in Fuel Economy Standards Act which would require the DOT to use more realistic gas price estimates. Additionally, I ask that you weigh in directly with the DOT on all their faulty assumptions that will keep more fuel-efficient options away from U.S. drivers.

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